MMCC Forensic, LLC
specializes in providing the law enforcement, legal, and business communities with expert support and varied services. We produce documentaries, settlement proposals, evidence presentations, animation, charts, crime scene reenactments, image enlargements, and medical illustrations. We also provide support equipment in and out of the courtroom, and can provide location audio, video and photographic resources upon request.
Our Services Include:
Clarification of Digital Still and Moving Images

Pictures and video may be worth a thousand words, but if they cannot communicate to the intended audience, more is required. We assist in delivering accurate forensic images, videos and messages with and without audio. MMCC utilizes forensically accepted tools for image stabilization, color spectrum normalization and validation of content for legal applications.

Scientific Collection and Preservation of Digital Evidence

If the chain of custody is broken or data is processed in a non-forensically sound manner your whole case may be doomed. We collect and preserve digital evidence with many of the same tools and methods as law enforcement.

Producing Exhibits that
Communicate Clear Messages

Having the facts on your side helps, but only when evidence clearly communicates to a judge or jury. Exhibits we provide simplify complex, often unclear, evidence. We build clear, clean exhibits even from poor quality recordings. Audio can be transcribed for presentation. Poor quality video becomes short clear segments or still images that communicate the content. 

Courtroom Presentation Assistance

We assist witnesses and experts with presentations, supplying projection equipment, screens, graphics, models, or videos. You found the perfect expert witness, but their testimony may need assistance and we can help tell their story. Our equipment can make all parties more comfortable in the courtroom and can maximize the impact of your case.

Data Retrieval from
Other Electronic Devices

Evidence comes from more sources every day. Phones, watches, or even smart refrigerators may hold the key to your case.  Partnering with law enforcement professionals and businesses, we can perform data retrieval from most digital devices.

Cost Efficiency, Confidentiality,  and Timely Work

We have the tools and knowledge to quickly and effectively communicate the evidence you need to illustrate your case. With over five decades combined experience we can produce demonstratives that communicate necessary evidence.

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