MMCC Forensic, LLC

specializes in providing the law enforcement, legal, and business communities with expert support and varied services. We produce documentaries, settlement proposals, evidence presentations, animation, charts, graphs, crime scene reenactments, image enlargements, and medical illustrations. We also provide support equipment in and out of the courtroom, and can provide location audio, video and photographic resources upon request.

MMCC Forensic, L.L.C. (MMCC) specializes in data discovery & recovery, video and audio clarification, and accident reconstructions. Our services include:
Clarification of Digital Still and Moving Images

We excel in the clarification of digital images and video with and without audio. MMCC utilizes image stabilization, color spectrum normalization and validation of content for legal applications. Audio clarification utilizes ever-changing and improved scientific tools.

Scientific collection of digital evidence acceptable to the courts
We perform scientific preservation of digital evidence that is acceptable to the courts with law enforcement and under court guidelines. 
Preserving collected data in a form that is as close to the original as forensically possible
We always preserve collected data in a format that allows forensically acceptable work to be performed that yields necessary evidence.
Producing exhibits that communicate clear messages
We produce exhibits that communicate clear messages from preserved and electronically clarified (e-clarified) data.
Delivering expert witness testimony
We deliver expert witness testimony accompanied by required reports.
Creating accident reenactments and digital animation
We create case reenactments and digital animation to demonstrate witness accounts of evidence.
Collaboration with skilled professionals in specific technical fields
We work with skilled professionals in specific technical fields to translate data that parties in a case can recognize as representative of testimony.
Data retrieval from other electronic devices
We work with data retrieved from other electronic devices and successfully work with law enforcement professionals as well as other business and legal entities in data retrieval from digital devices.
Total cost efficiency, confidentiality
and timely work

We accomplish legal tasks in a timely, cost efficient manner with required client confidentiality.
Flexible to Fit Your Needs
Our staff has over 50 years of experience providing media clarification, representative models, animation, computer forensic services, and technical litigation support.
References, CV, and rates available upon request

In all forensic data and electronic media/device acquisition, examination, analysis, and reporting, we strive to maintain the highest data integrity, chain of custody documentation, and security, ensuring the validity of recovered evidence.

Generally there is no need to send data or hardware great distances due to the risk data or device corruption. Located in Shreveport, Louisiana, we assist in providing services to any company, individual, or entity in a timely manner.
Accident Reconstruction 
MMCC Forensic specializes in accident reconstructions using expert witness technology and experience to present exhibits in a timely manner that are clear and communicate factual messages. We created one of the first animated murder reconstructions used in Louisiana for the prosecution in a capital murder case in 1992. Since that time we have created presentations accepted in local, state and federal courtrooms for criminal and civil litigation.

Our reconstruction work is often the result of affiliate projects with engineers and other experts in the specific field required by any given project. MMCC has completed projects in the area of motorcycle, 18-wheeler, automobile, train and numerous combinations of vehicles. Reconstructions completed range from animations of historical events to multi-camera reenactments of historical events. We utilize historic dash camera data, witness statements and expert reports to recreate events and provide video, audio and other demonstratives as required.

Additional information is available upon request. Please call Marion Marks for specifics or quotes on projects. Our staff is also available for location documentation on a 24-hour call basis. We are prepared for rapid response with equipment to document with still and video from multiple perspectives including portable mobile 1-man crane mounted cameras to a height of 20+ feet or provide drone video as needed. Additional equipment can also be made available as needed.
Audio, Still Images & Video Clarification
MMCC Forensic utilizes varied hardware and software platforms for restoration and enhancement of still images, audio and video intended primarily for criminal investigations and legal evidence. Hardware and software utilizes advanced data processing algorithms to clarify images and recorded data formerly considered irretrievable. If a clarified image, audio or video file is obtained, all operations are documented in a secured audit trail, free of artistic edits, blending or retouching features so that presentation material are accepted as legal evidence.

Computer Media / Cell Phone Services
MMCC does not provide hard disk drive duplication and imaging for networks or standard personal computer cases at this time, however we do partner with other specialists to provide this service. All hardware duplication is performed either on site in our office or with our supervision of other professional service providers using specialized forensic software and hardware. We do have a Guidance Software EnCase® trained specialist on staff.
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